Licensed premises complaints

Role as a Licencing Authority 

As Licensing Authority, the Council wants to maintain high standards in all licensed premises. The Licensing Act 2003 controls the sale of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment (which includes live and recorded music, dancing, the performance of plays and the exhibition of films) and the provision of hot food or drink after 11pm. Whilst such standards are maintained with a great deal of co-operation with licensed premises, there may be occasion that you feel you need to make a complaint. 

Complaints about noise

If your complaint is about noise or disturbance from a licensed premises, please use the noise complaints online form.

Complaints about associated crime

If your complaint relates to increased levels of crime associated with the premises, you should direct your complaint to Lancashire Constabulary Licensing Unit on 01257 246215 or see their web pages on alcohol related crimes (external link) for more information.

Complaints about licensed premises

However, if you believe the premises is contravening any aspect of their licence - for example serving alcohol after permitted hours, providing unlicensed activities or serving alcohol to underage patrons - you can make a complaint to us and we will investigate.

You can complain using the licensed premises online complaint form.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, it is recommended that you raise your concerns with the licensee before making your complaint. The matter may be resolved quickly without outside intervention and help improve communication between you and the operator.


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