Health Promotion

Our Health Promotion Service aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of West Lancashire. We do this through the provision of education, training and workshops, and by supporting both local and national campaigns for health improvement within the borough.      

The service delivers health promotion initiatives on a wide range of topics including accident prevention, food safety, healthy eating and infection disease control.      

Our Health Promotion Officer, and members of the Commercial Safety Team work, in partnership with a range of individuals from the community, public, private and voluntary sector to promote and improve health.      

Officers provide information on health through newsletters, leaflets, displays and also respond to individual requests for the use of service.  The service also runs health education courses and seminars across a range of health-related issues. Please contact us for more information about this.

Outline of the Service

  • Working in partnership with a range of individuals, groups or organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector to promote and improve health
  • The initiation, development, management and co-ordination of health promotion projects
  • The development of health promotion strategies through multi-agency partnerships
  • Promote the provision of a diverse range of training opportunities to local businesses
  • Provide support to organisations and practitioners who have a health promotion role and encourage good health promotion practice
  • To produce resources to aid health promotion in different settings
  • To raise awareness and increase knowledge of various national and local health issues and campaigns in order to maximise their impact
  • Maintain a service based on quality standards in order to promote continuous improvement
  • To deliver, effective health promotion through the provision of appropriate information and up to-date, resources and support.

Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control

Tobacco smoking remains the single largest preventable cause of ill health, premature death and health inequalities. Every year in England more than 80,000 people die from smoking related diseases.

Smoking in public places has been prohibited since 2007, but there are still a significant number of people who smoke tobacco products, which in turn increases the risks associated with second hand smoke.

The Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control is a means to demonstrate the Council's commitment to tackling issues relating to smoking. It is a voluntary pledge to take action and a statement about our commitment to protecting the local community from the harms caused by smoking.