The food safety team

Food safety services

The Council's Food Safety Service protects the health of West Lancashire's residents and visitors by ensuring that all food which is produced and sold in our area is safe for consumption. This is done through a programme of inspections, in addition to the investigation of complaints and incidences of food or water-borne diseases.

There are over 900 registered food premises in the Borough, which include primary producers, manufacturers, retail and catering premises.

Services we provide

The Commercial Safety section is responsible for providing the following food safety services:

  • Maintenance of the food premises register 
  • Programmed and reactive inspection of all food premises 
  • Investigation of food complaints and complaints relating to unsatisfactory premises/practices 
  • Advisory visits and provision of information 
  • Food sampling for survey and monitoring purposes 
  • Investigation and control of infectious disease cases and outbreaks relating to food 
  • Responding to food hazard warnings from the Food Standards Agency and notifying them of any serious local food problems 
  • Promotion of food safety through education and promotional events 
  • Input to various licensing services on food safety matters 
  • Issue of Health Certificates - a new certificate costs £110.88 and a variation to an existing certificate costs £27.72 
  • Monitoring of Shellfish beds 
  • Approval of product specific premises 
  • Operating imported food controls 

Out of hours contact 

Out of hours emergency service is available 24 hour by contacting 01695 577177. An Environmental Health Officer can be contacted through this number in an emergency eg. food poisoning outbreak.