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Affordable housing, strategy & development

We respond to Government policy, sub-regional and local priorities in relation to cross-tenure housing matters.
To fulfil this role we develop, drive and evaluate the success of housing strategies, ensuring the involvement of stakeholders and partners in the strategic process.  

Main functions:

  • Researching local housing need
  • Consulting with local interested parties
  • Developing cross tenure strategies to meet the housing need of the borough
  • Working with partners to secure funding for future provision of affordable housing
  • Maximising opportunities for the development of affordable housing and affordable housing products
  • Feeding into the development of the Local Plan
  • Providing advice and negotiating affordable housing provision with housing developers
  • Liaising with other housing agencies/providers in West Lancashire in order to work together more efficiently to provide sustainable communities and meet the Government's “Place Shaping” agenda




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Jonathan Mitchell

Housing Strategy and Development Programme Manager


01695 585244