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Tenant Scrutiny Group

The Tenants Scrutiny Group (TSG) is a group of tenants who meet monthly to scrutinise housing services. The group is currently made up of 6 tenants from across the borough. By speaking to other tenants and council staff, and examining complaints and performance information, the group review how services are delivered and identifying ways to make improvements.

What is the role of the TSG?

  • To ensure that services meet the needs of all tenants
  • To identify and carry out service reviews
  • To oversee improvement plans from service reviews and see if positive outcomes are being achieved for all tenants and communities
  • To monitor the performance of housing services; including value for money improvements
  • To be open, honest, independent and transparent at all times


There is currently a vacancy for a tenant on our Tenant Scrutiny Group. We are looking for someone who shares our passion for improving your homes and communities, who understands the needs and aspirations of local tenants and who ideally is already active in local communities. 

You can apply to be a Tenant Scrutiny Group member if you are a WLBC tenant by contacting us at customerengagement@westlancs.gov.uk

Recent scrutiny reviews

The Tenant Scrutiny Group have completed a number of reviews in the past 12 months:

  • Allocations - journey for the customer (current scrutiny topic)
  • Estate Management Services
  • Feedback

If you would like to view these reports, please contact the Customer Engagement team by emailing customerengagement@westlancs.gov.uk or calling 01695 585 275.