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Our Tenants Scrutiny Group (TSG) is a volunteer group, currently made up of 6 friendly and helpful tenants from across the borough, who meet monthly to review and improve our housing services. They do this by speaking to other tenants, working alongside council staff and examining complaints and performance information; the group review how services are delivered and identify ways to make improvements, by always remaining open, honest, independent and transparent at all times.

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Sound Interesting?

Do you share our passion for improvement? Do you want to make a difference with how services are delivered? If so then why not get involved, we're always looking for more tenants to join the TSG.
Every member of the Tenants Scrutiny Group is offered training opportunities to develop their skills and given the full usage of an iPad whilst they are a member of the TSG. 
If you are a WLBC tenant and you want more information, you would like to see any previous TSG reviews or you're interested in joining, you can get in touch by contacting us at customerengagement@westlancs.gov.uk