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Help with a complaint

Information for tenants

We welcome feedback on how well you think we are doing; we want to learn from your experiences of housing.  You will not be penalised or treated any differently should you make a complaint or bring an issue to our attention.

If you are happy to give your views on the service, join Your Voice panel.

Where else can I get help with my complaint?

Anyone can make or be involved in a complaint on your behalf at any stage in the process, as long as you have given them permission to do so. It might be that you want support from a family member, councillor, MP or tenant panel. There are a number of ways that they can carry out this role. They could provide advice to you, advocate on your behalf, discuss matters with the landlord, engage with designated persons to try and resolve the complaint at local level, or act as a critical friend, suggesting views and approaches that may not have been considered by staff and others in handling the complaint.