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Information for leaseholders

Who are leaseholders?

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When you buy a flat from West Lancashire Borough Council you buy a leasehold interest in your home.  The council continues to own the freehold.  Your lease will usually be for 125 years from the date stated in your lease.  Your lease is a legal document between you and the council and sets out the rights and responsibilities of both parties.


Service charges

Leaseholders will receive their annual service charge account from the council before the beginning of the financial year. This will include the amounts payable during the year for repairs, improvements, maintenance, building insurance and management costs. Ground rent is fixed at £10 a year. 

Service charges can be paid by Direct Debit or call Customer Services on 01695 577177.  If you wish to set up a Direct Debit please contact us on 01695 585037.  If you are experiencing difficulty in paying for your service charges, please contact us urgently.  If you fail to pay your service charge due, and do not contact us to discuss the matter, it is possible that legal action will be taken against you. The cost of this action would be added to your debt.  

Repairs responsibilities

In general, the council is responsible for undertaking the maintenance of:

  • The structure of the property including the foundations and supporting walls
  • The exterior of the property including the roof and external walls
  • Services into the property including gas, electric, water and drainage unless they are individual to your property
  • External wastes and rainwater goods
  • External doors and windows, excluding door furniture and window handles and glazing
  • Communal areas: internal: stairs, stairwells and corridors.  External: shared sheds and stores, drying areas.

The council will charge you for the whole of, or a portion of, the cost of maintaining these items where they are shared structures. You can report a repair online or telephone 01695 577177  

You are responsible for maintaining the inside of your property including plumbing and pipework, electrical wiring, central heating, doors, plasterwork, kitchen units and bathroom fittings. All leaseholders are asked to ensure that their gas appliances are serviced annually and electrics are checked every eight years.     

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