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Neighbour nuisance

What is neighbour nuisance?

There are many types of nuisance. Some of the most common are:

  • Playing loud music, arguing, shouting, graffiti, DIY noises such as drilling
  • Nuisance caused by children playing noisily, playing ball games thoughtlessly, causing vandalism or trespassing into private areas   
  • Pet nuisance such as dogs barking, animal fouling of common areas or animals being kept in poor conditions causing dirt and unpleasant smells  
  • Vehicle nuisance, such as parked cars blocking pedestrian and vehicular access, parking on grassed areas and carrying out car repairs  
  • Gardens that are badly overgrown or filled with rubbish  

For more information visit the being a good neighbour page

Have you discussed the problem with your neighbour?

With all neighbour nuisance complaints we will ask you if you have discussed the problem with your neighbour first. Very often, making your neighbour aware of your concerns in a reasonable manner can resolve problems quickly. It is important to remember once a complaint is made to the Estate Management Team and an investigation begins, the problem may become worse before it gets better.  

Noise complaints

For more information on noise issues, or to make a complaint about noise, visit the noise complaints page.

For neighbour nuisance complaints other than noise:

What happens next?

An officer from the Estate Management Team will contact you within five working days to discuss the best course of action. Visit the next steps when you report anti-social behaviour page to find out more. 

Supporting information

Neighbour nuisance can often be very complicated and it is important that as much information as possible is provided. We may, if appropriate to the investigation and with your permission, contact:  

  • Other neighbours
  • Police
  • Environmental Health
  • Social Services, Education, Welfare
  • Solicitors  
  • Doctors/consultants  

Anti-Social Behaviour Team

The Council has a specialist Anti-Social Behaviour Team that deals with serious anti-social behaviour, including drugs and violence. Such cases are referred by the Estate Management Team, if appropriate.  

For more information, visit the anti-social behaviour section.