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Being a good neighbour

All kinds of nuisance to your neighbours can be avoided by being considerate in the way you live in your home.


Children can cause a nuisance and disturbance without meaning to. If you have children you can encourage them to think about your neighbours by talking to them about how and where they play or congregate with their friends, ask them not to:

  • Constantly play outside someone else’s home
  • Shout and scream constantly
  • Enter other people’s gardens without permission
  • Let balls go into other people’s gardens or hit windows and walls
  • Play with a ball where there are ‘No Ball Games’ signs


If the Council have given you permission to keep a pet you must:

  • Keep your pets under control and do not let them cause a nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to any other person
  • Train your dog not to whine or bark constantly or let it roam without proper supervision
  • Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time
  • You must ensure that you clean up after your animal and you hygienically dispose of any fouling


If you are constantly making a lot of noise you can make your neighbour’s life miserable. You must think about:

  • Music and TVs - Keep the volume down, consider using headphones if you need to have the volume at a level that would disturb your neighbours
  • If you are planning to have a party warn your neighbours well in advance. Make sure that the noise is kept to a reasonable level, especially when it gets late, tell your guests not be noisy when they leave your home and keep the party within your own home.
  • Do not use the communal areas as another room for parties.
  • Do not vacuum, use your washing machine, or do DIY late at night or very early in the morning.
  • Don’t slam doors


  • Make sure your vehicle is not a nuisance to others. Make sure your vehicle is taxed and parked properly only where you are allowed to park.
  • Do not block anyone else’s vehicle or park inconsiderately
  • Do not repair your vehicle in your garden, parking space, in the street or on the estate where you live.
  • Make sure your car alarm works properly and that it does not cause a nuisance
  • You must never park a motorbike, mobility scooter or moped in the communal areas
  • Dispose of any unwanted vehicles safely so that they are not left to become a fire or health hazard - you may be charged for the cost of removal or disposal of abandoned vehicles.


  • Gardens can quickly become an unsightly nuisance to other people if they are not maintained
  • Keep your garden neat and tidy and do not let it get overgrown
  • Do not use your garden as a rubbish tip
  • Do not leave rubbish in communal gardens
  • Make sure you and your family and friends respect other people’s gardens and garden boundaries


Rubbish dumping is dangerous and illegal

  • Do not leave large items of furniture or rubbish outside your home
  • Do not store items that you no longer want, or such things as bikes, prams or pushchairs in communal areas