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Terms and conditions

Conditions of operation

These conditions relate to the West Lancashire Borough Council, Housing and Inclusion Services’ (the ‘council’) SMS and Email Rent Account Balance On Demand Service (the ‘service’) (the ‘conditions’).

1. General service provision

1.1 To be eligible to use the service you must hold a current rent account with the council and you must register your details online or over the telephone.

1.2 Once registration has been completed you will receive instructions on how to use the service. This is the only way in which the service can be used.

1.3 You can request text and or email notification updates immediately after you receive confirmation of your registration.

1.4 The provision of the service involves you sending a text to 07786204730 and or an email to mybalance@westlancs.gov.uk using your mobile device or computer. Upon verification of the sender’s mobile phone number / email for each request the council will send the appropriate response back to that sender.

1.5 The council reserves the right to restrict the number of requests a user can make and that it will respond to where it considers requests are excessive

1.6 The council will only allow you to register one mobile phone number or one email address per rent account.

1.7 The council will send information about your rent account balance, which will be the total tenancy rent balance. The balance shown will be one total. The request will be answered once the sender’s details have been matched against the registered details we hold at that time.

1.8 Text or email messages sent using the service will not include your account details or any other personal information.

1.9 The council is unable to send a text message to a fixed-line (landline) telephone.

2. Charging

2.1 You will be responsible for charges made by your mobile phone operator or internet service provider; you are advised to check charges that could apply before you register for the service.

2.2 The council will not charge for the service.

3. Cancellation

3.1 The council can decide to withdraw the service with immediate effect without prior notice to comply with the law, to protect security, or to combat fraud. The Council may also withdraw the service from individuals where it considers the service has been abused, or not used in the manner in which it was originally intended.

3.2 If the service is to be withdrawn for any other reason, four weeks’ notice of the cancellation will be provided where reasonably possible.

3.3 You may unsubscribe from the service by sending a text to 07786204730 or an email to mybalance@westlancs.gov.uk The council will remove you from the service list within five working days following receipt of your text or email.

4. Other operational notifications

If you have a successfully registered mobile phone number or email address to be used for the service, the council may from time to time send other operational messages about your account to your registered mobile phone number or email address. By signing up to the service, you are deemed to consent to this.

5. General provisions

5.1 Occasional repairs, updates and routine maintenance to the council’s systems and those of its suppliers may mean that the service is unavailable from time to time. The council will not be liable if the service is unavailable at any time due to repairs, updates or general maintenance or for other reasons that it cannot control or if you do not receive text messages or emails for reasons within your control, i.e., your mobile phone is switched off, there is no mobile telephone network coverage, or you change your mobile phone number / email address.

5.2 You are responsible for making sure no one has access to confidential information shown on (or stored in) your mobile phone or email account. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen or your email account is hacked, or if you change your mobile phone number / email address or network operator / internet provider, it is your responsibility to ask the council to amend your registration details. If this is not done, the council will continue to provide the service to the mobile number / email address you have registered for the service. The council will not be liable if your rent account balance becomes known to someone because you do not notify it of changes or if the registration information you gave it is incorrect.

5.3 The council may send to you, by text message, post or email, from time to time, information about the service explaining how the service works and any steps that you need to take in relation to the service.

5.4 The council can vary these conditions at any time.