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Disturbance allowance

If there is any damage to the decoration of your council home following a repair, you can request a decoration grant.

The maximum grant you can receive has been calculated as a total amount for each individual room and these are listed below.

However, if it is only a small area that requires redecoration, a surveyor will visit the property and advise on the amount of grant that will be issued to cover your costs:

  • Living room: £40.00
  • Dining room/Living room: £30.00
  • Bedroom 1: £35.00
  • Bedroom 2 and 3: £25.00
  • Hall: £28.00
  • Hall, stairs and landing: £42.00
  • Bathroom: £25.00
  • Separate WC: £15.00
  • Kitchen: £28.00

If you feel that you qualify for a grant or would like further advice, please contact Property Services. Our contact details are in the panel on the right of this page. 

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