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Fencing and boundaries

Throughout West Lancashire there two different types of fencing:

  • Boundary fence
  • Party fence

Fence diagram

You can see from the above diagram that the fence around the edge of the property which separates your garden from public areas is called a boundary fence. There is another fence which separates your garden from your neighbour's garden; this is called a party fence.

Boundary fencesBoundary Fence

Boundary fences are West Lancashire Borough Council’s responsibility to repair. Telephone 01695 577177 to report it to one of our Customer Service Advisors. Repairs to boundary fences are classed as being non-urgent and are therefore usually given a low priority.


Party fences

Party FenceParty fence repairs are the responsibility of the occupier. If the fence is hanging in an unsafe position then we are happy to come and make it safe by removing the fence and laying it on the floor.



If your neighbour is an owner occupier then any repairs or renewal to the party fence may be their responsibility. If a conclusion can not be made then we suggest the owner occupier refers to their deeds and land registry documents.

We regret to advise that West Lancashire Borough Council is unable to repair or renew any party fencing.