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Your new bathroom

Our bathroom replacement programme is carried out in phases throughout the year.

How we will contact you

We will write to you and tell you if your home is to be included in the next 12 month phase of work.

Before the work begins we will write to you again clearly explaining what we can do and what we cannot do to your home. This letter will invite you to a consultation meeting where we will explain to you what will happen. Our tenant liaison officer will visit you again a week before the start of the work to tell you what you need to do to prepare for the work,  and the day before to ensure access for the contractors. The work on your house will last approximately seven working days from initial removal of your old bathroom to handover of a new one.

Choosing your new bathroom  

We will not take down walls or remodel your home; we will only refurbish the bathroom. All ground floor flats, bungalows and sheltered accommodation are fitted with level access/wet rooms. If your home has two beds or more, we will fit a bath and not a shower. If you already have a wet room and it is tired, we will carry out partial refurbishments such as a new floor.

If you have a shower above your bath that you have installed we will make sure it meets current regulations. If it does not we will disconnect it and remove it if you wish.

You can choose from a selection of colours for the

  • Flooring 
  • Tiling


We will also decorate the bathroom; we offer a choice of paint colours. You can also buy your own paint and we will decorate for you with this. If you want to supply your own tiles, we will fit them for you but they MUST only be 150mm square. You will not be refunded if you choose to buy your own paint and tiles.