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Right to repair

The Right to Repair scheme aims to make sure that certain small urgent repairs, which might affect your health, safety or security, are done quickly and efficiently. The government has set guidelines stating that certain repairs should be carried out within specific timescales.  

What repairs can you get done under Right to Repair?

You can get certain small urgent repairs done (up to the value of £250) if they are likely to affect your health, safety or security. These are called qualifying repairs and they include:

  • Unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings
  • Blocked flue to open fire or boiler
  • Leaking roof
  • Toilets which don't flush
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Leaks from a water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Loose or broken banisters or handrails

When reporting a repair we will be able to tell you if the repair is included in the scheme and how long it will take to deal with the problem. We will also tell you how we will deal with repairs that aren't covered under this scheme.

What happens if the first contractor doesn't do your repair in time? 

If the first contractor doesn't do your repair in time, please contact us on 01695 577177 and ask for a second contractor to carry out the work.
Unless there is a good reason why the work hasn't been done, we will get a second contractor to visit you. You will get a copy of the second repair notice - which we send to the second contractor. The second contractor then has the same amount of time to do the repair as the first contractor had.


If the second contractor does not complete your repair in time, you will get £10 in compensation. For every extra day you wait, you will get another £2. The maximum compensation that you can get for any one job is £50. The council will pay this compensation directly to you, less any monies that you may you owe to us for example, rent arrears.