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Living in a council flat


It is against the law to smoke in any public enclosed space. This includes the communal areas, such as the entrance and hallways, within blocks of flats.


If you live in a flat remember that, due to the design and build of the flats, noise travels further. Try to be considerate towards your neighbours and please keep noise down to a reasonable level at all times.
We also ask that you are especially careful when doing work in your flat (for which you must gain prior permission), as DIY can be noisy, inconvenient and distressing to your neighbours.


For safety reasons, children should not play or gather in entrance halls and communal areas.

Household rubbish

Please do not leave household rubbish outside your door or on the stairs, as this can be unhygienic and hazardous. For more details about dealing with household waste and materials for recycling visit our refuse and recycling pages


In order to minimise the risk of fire within your block of flats, you must:

  • ensure no personal items, furniture or mobility scooters are left within the communal areas or hallways.
  • keep entrance doors to the block closed. This will also prevent anyone who does not live in the block from gaining entrance.

Communal areas

The Council is responsible for the cleaning, upkeep and repair of communal areas.  However, you must be considerate towards other tenants when using such areas and ensure that you keep them safe and clean. For example, don't leave your rubbish outside your door - put it in the bin provided.