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Leaseholder responsibilities

In entering into a lease, you (the leaseholder) agree to undertake certain obligations, these are set out below:

  • Pay rent and other charges relating to the property - known as service charges - which will include maintenance, improvement and insurance.
  • If you sell the lease within five years of buying it from the council you will have to pay back a proportion of the discount given. You, or your legal representative, must always tell the council of your intention to sell the lease on the property.
  • If you sell your property within 10 years of buying it you must give the council the first opportunity to re-purchase the property before proceeding with a sale. The council will have 8 weeks from the date it receives the notification to decide if it wishes to re-purchase the property.
  • Maintain your home in good condition. 
  • Allow council authorised staff, representatives and contractors, access to your home so they can sort out repairs and maintenance for your property and adjoining properties. Sometime this may be to resolve emergency repairs. The council may erect scaffolding and put up ladders for these.
  • Where defects are identified by the council you may be given three months to put them right (or less if the repairs are urgent). In emergency situations the council can carry out works and recharge the leaseholder.
  • If you plan to carry out any structural works or major repairs/alterations to your home you must get the council's agreement before starting the work. Dependent on the work involved, you may also have to obtain building regulation approval and/or planning approval.
  • You can only use your property to live in. You cannot use the property for commercial purposes, including running a business.
  • You must not cause a nuisance to your neighbours.
  • Flats and maisonettes with communal entrances - you should not place anything - including rubbish - in the stairways, corridors, halls and landings.
  • If you receive any legal or other notices from other agencies that may affect your property you must tell the council by contacting 01695 577177. Examples may include: gas, electric and water supplies, council planning, building regulation or council environmental health enforcement notices.
  • If you wish to attach anything to the outside of the premises i.e. a satellite dish, you must seek written permission from the council.
  • You must allow authorised council staff, contractors and representatives access to your home with reasonable notice unless it relates to an emergency situation.
  • The council agrees in the lease to provide building insurance. The council does not insure the contents of your property. It is your responsibility to arrange your own contents insurance.
  • Disputes between the council and the leaseholders may be resolved by an application to first-tier tribunal as a last resort.

Breaching any of these responsibilities could result in the council obtaining a court order against you to enforce compliance. Consult your lease for more information.