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Maintenance and repairs for leaseholders

We will tell you in advance about all repairs, improvement works, painting and other regular works (which are our responsibility). We may have to do emergency work without notice but we will tell you about the cost as soon as possible.

It is a legal requirement for us to inform you in advance of the likely cost of any major repair or planned maintenance (including painting) if the cost per leaseholder is greater than £250.

Painting and planned maintenance

Both the exterior of properties and any shared or communal areas will be redecorated when required. Consultation will be carried out with leaseholders before work starts. We will also regularly inspect the condition of the exterior and communal areas of the property, carrying out maintenance and improvement work as necessary.

Electricity to communal areas

There may be a small amount in your service charge to reflect the annual cost of electricity to communal areas. This is divided equally amongst the relevant properties.

TV aerials

For those properties in buildings with more than two floors, the annual cost of maintaining and repairing a TV aerial is divided equally amongst the properties. You are still required to pay this charge even if you have installed your own satellite.

Repair responsibilities

The lease is the main document for determining the council’s and your responsibilities to repair and maintain the property. 
In general, the council is responsible for undertaking the maintenance of:

  • The structure of the property including the foundations and supporting walls
  • The exterior of the property including the roof and external walls
  • Services into the property including gas, electric, water and drainage unless they are individual to your property
  • External wastes and rainwater goods
  • External doors and windows, excluding door furniture and window handles and glazing
  • Communal areas: internal: stairs, stairwells and corridors.  External: shared sheds and stores, drying areas
  • The council will charge you for the whole of, or a portion of, the cost of maintaining these items where they are shared structures.

You can report a repair online or call Customer Services 01695 577177.

You are responsible for maintaining the inside of your property including plumbing and pipework, electrical wiring, central heating, doors, plasterwork, kitchen units and bathroom fittings.  

All leaseholders are asked to ensure that their gas appliances are serviced annually and electrics are checked every eight years. 

Rechargeable repairs

Repairs to your property which are required because of deliberate or persistent accidental damage or negligence caused by yourself, a member of your household or a visitor to your house, may be designated as a “rechargeable repair”.

If a repair is classed as rechargeable, you will be given the opportunity to undertake the repair to a standard as approved by the council or you will be issued with an invoice for the cost of the work, which you will be required to pay within 28 days. We do not carry out work that is the responsibility of the leaseholder.

If damage is caused to your property as a result of vandalism, please ensure that you contact the Police and complete a criminal damage form so that the crime can be investigated.

Grass cutting and grounds maintenance

The council's grounds maintenance section cuts communal grass areas approximately 10—12 times during the growing season which is April to the end of September. This roughly works out to every 3 weeks, weather permitting. Shrub beds are pruned and weeded once per year during the winter (October to March). The beds are then treated with weed killer as required. Your annual service charges include the cost of this work and is increased each year.