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Tenants' service charges

We apply a service charge to those tenants who share an open or closed communal area. We calculate the service charge by reviewing actual expenditure and sharing out the costs between all tenants and leaseholders.

Tenants pay the following service charge for communal areas:

     Closed blocks
 Painting  £0.12 per week  
 Door entry  £1.85 per week
 Lighting - electricity  £0.98 per week
 Caretaking  £3.50 per week


     Open blocks
 Painting Nil
 Door entry N/A
 Lighting - electricity £0.96 per week   
 Caretaking Nil


Service charges are charged weekly alongside your rent and are a condition of your tenancy agreement.

Painting service charge

This payment covers the cost of painting and repairing the communal area such as repairing a light, painting the communal area or repairing the staircase.

Door entry service charge

This payment covers the cost of maintaining and repairing the cost of the door entry system. 

Lighting – electricity

This payment covers the cost of electricity to power the lights in the communal area.


This payment covers the cost of the caretaker's visit, where they clean your communal area and report any faults on your behalf.

Management costs associated with this service are also covered as part of your weekly rent.