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Advice for homeowners in mortgage arrears

Mortgages are priority debts - this means your mortgage should be the first bill you pay every month. 
If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage, and you think that your mortgage provider may evict you, it’s important that you talk to them as soon as you start getting into arrears. The earlier you speak to them the more chance you have of avoiding losing your home.
Many mortgage providers have options to help you avoid repossession. They can reduce your payments for a set period, move you to an interest only mortgage or give you a payment holiday.
If you have lost your job or you are too ill to work, check whether you have got mortgage protection insurance - this may cover your mortgage payments.
It is also worth finding out whether you are entitled to benefits such as working tax credit, child tax credit or council tax support.

Get independent advice

You can get free independent advice from a number of organisations about managing your debts . These organisations can deal with the people you owe money to as well as your mortgage provider. They will also help you with budgeting.
You can get advice from:

If you have had advice but are still at risk of repossession, there is further help available:

Support for mortgage interest scheme (SMI)

You may qualify for help towards interest payments on your mortgage or loans taken out for certain repairs or improvements to your home. You usually need to be claiming a qualifying benefit to get SMI. From the 6 April 2018, SMI will be paid as a loan.

You can find out more information about the SMI scheme by visiting Support for Mortgage Interest (external link).