The Ranger Service

The Parks and Countryside Ranger Service is based at the Visitor Centre at Beacon Country Park, Upholland. There is also a  Ranger Office in Coronation Park, Ormskirk.

For general enquiries about any of our sites and services please contact the Rangers' office using or by telephoning 01695 622794.

The team 

Outdoor Recreation Manager: Dan Massey

Rangers: Hannah Murphy, Ben Basson, Amy Carroll and Chris Horsfall 



There is also a small team of assistant rangers who join the team at busy periods throughout the year and a dedicated team of hard-working volunteers from the local community.

What we do

The Parks and Countryside Service work with other departments across the council and local conservation groups to co-ordinate the management of all of sites.

A Ranger's role is very varied. Our priority is making sure that sites remain safe and secure for all visitors. Management is focused to include a good balance of conservation, education and recreation.

Responsibilities and work include:

  • Events and visitor services
  • Site patrolling and inspections
  • Habitat Creation and Management
  • Access management and Improvements
  • Heritage and Wildlife Conservation
  • Woodland Management
  • Environmental Education 
  • Community Outreach and Involvement

As a bi-product of our ongoing habitat improvements, the Parks and Countryside Service are also able to provide firewood and charcoal at a competitive price.

Locally sourced woodland products from sustainably managed woodlands minimise your impact on climate change and help.

Contact us for details about charcoal. Firewood is available in 2m3 loads for only £150 including free local delivery.

To comply with DEFRA firewood guidelines, please ensure that you dry and store firewood appropriately. Wet wood creates smoke and harmful particulates when burnt.

We cannot guarantee the wood we supply is ready to burn, so it is purchasers responsibility to ensure the wood is dried/seasoned and has a moisture content of 20% or less. All wood we deliver comes with advice about storage and use.