Consultation Closed on new CCTV Cameras in Birch Green

The Council currently operates 106 Public Open Space CCTV cameras across the Borough and they are used to prevent, detect and investigate crime. The cameras are monitored 24/7 and play a vital role in helping prevent crime and disorder, reducing the fear of crime and increasing public safety.

Following a successful partnership bid involving the Council, Police and the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, funding has been made available through the Home Office 'Safer Streets Scheme', for four new Public Open Space CCTV cameras for Birch Green.

The consultation to obtain residents views who would potentially be directly affected by the cameras being near to their homes has now ended. The consultation ran from the 10th February 2021 to the 26th February 2021.

The Council must have regard to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice issued by the Home Office. This aims to ensure that cameras are necessary, appropriately located, do not affect people’s privacy and are operated appropriately.

The software that is used in the CCTV cameras allows for parts of the image monitored and recorded to be blanked out. There are properties near existing cameras that have windows or whole houses blanked out so that residents' privacy is ensured. If you have any comments about privacy in relation to the suggested locations please contact us, as set out above.