Help for parents and families

Help is available for families in West Lancashire who may be experiencing difficulty during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Update on evictions


The ban on bailiff-enforced evictions has been extended until 22 February and this is to be kept under review. However, landlords can request warrants for eviction in exceptional cases of anti-social behaviour, illegal occupation, fraud, perpetrators of domestic abuse in social housing and extreme rent arrears.

The court rules and procedures introduced in September to support both tenants and landlords will remain in place and be regularly reviewed.

Update from Skelmersdale Foodbank

The Skelmersdale Foodbank remains open, meaning that you can still access emergency food if you need it.

To ensure the safety of volunteers and anyone visiting, the Ecumenical Centre now has restricted access. To be allowed into the building, you will need to ring the Foodbank on 07989052832. This number will also be displayed on the door so you can ring from outside.

Help if you’re self-isolating

If you are self-isolating, and cannot rely on support from family, friends and neighbours at this time, the Birchwood Centre can help with daily tasks such as picking up medication and essential items, or if you need someone friendly to talk to over the phone.

Don't hesitate to get in touch via their contact details below.

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Tel: 01695 713248
Text: 07706 750187