Ormskirk Eastern Gateway Project


Plans for Ormskirk

Working with Lancashire County Council we have come up with exciting plans for the area of Ormskirk town centre around St Helens Road, Moor Street and Ormskirk Bus Station.

Our scheme is called the Ormskirk Eastern Gateway Project and seeks to enhance this important path into the historic heart of Ormskirk. The area enjoys Conservation Area status and is part of the Ormskirk Town Centre Heritage Action Zone, as designated by Historic England. So we want to make this area better for people who live, visit, shop and work in Ormskirk and really want to hear your views on our aims and objectives. 

Our plans include:

  • Demolishing the bus station building to create valuable open space in the town centre through which the proposed new cycling routes with the town centre and the railway station can be connected.  This will help attract more people to the town centre which in turn will help support local businesses.
  • Introducing safer walking routes and dedicated cycle lanes. This includes improving the St Helens Road-Moor Street road junction and providing a dedicated cycle lane in St Helens Road to create a safer environment for pedestrians and encourage more cycling.
  • Providing new bus shelters and improving the general appearance of the bus station to offer users a more modern facility.
  • Improving access for pedestrians to Moor Street and putting in new trees, benches and other high quality street furniture.

Other plans include improving the St Helens Road/Moor Street junction
to remove traffic signals and replacing them with a mini-roundabout and create a toucan crossing. We also want to remove unnecessary road signs, waste bins, planters and street lights from Moor Street and install movable bollards to enable access on to the street from the St Helens Road junction.  These could then be temporarily closed off for events and/or an extended Market.

It is intended to deliver these objectives in four separate phases. These phases will take place between 2021 and 2024.   

The Ormskirk Eastern Gateway project links in with plans already agreed to improve the footpaths and create dedicated cycle lanes along St Helens Road and Ruff Lane.