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Consultation archive 2017-18

Stakeholder Survey

We sought the views of community groups and local businesses about where we should make reductions in spending or increase income.

The 2018 Stakeholder Survey gave organisations a chance to influence the decisions the Council will make about how we provide services in the coming year. The deadline for taking part was 22 March 2018.

Citizen Survey

We sought the views of individual residents about satisfaction with services and where in future the Council should make reductions in spending or increase income. The deadline for taking part was 22 March 2018 and the results are now being collated and will be published on the website in due course.

Results: the results are being used by the Council as it makes plans for services, efficiencies and savings.

Green Infrastructure and Cycling Strategy

We consulted on a draft Green Infrastructure and Cycling Strategy for the borough. The draft strategy looks to establish a high quality, accessible network for Green Infrastructure and cycling that links the borough’s major settlements with one another and with visitor attractions. The consultation ended on 10 March 2017.

Homelessness strategy

We consulted on a Homelessness Strategy for the borough for the years 2017 - 2022..

Banning dogs from children's play areas

We consulted on proposals to ban dogs from a further 26 children’s play areas in West Lancashire in order to help keep children safe and reduce problems with dog fouling. We also consulted on plans to require dogs to be kept on leads in five specified areas in public parks and playing fields. The deadline for comments was 3 January 2017.

The responses were taken into account before the final decision was made at the West Lancashire Borough Council meeting on 22 February 2017. The new measures came into force in 1 April 2017.

Draft housing allocations policy and draft pet policy

The Council would like to know your views on the draft housing allocations.  Changes to the current allocations policy have been made to include:

  • New statutory requirements
  • Changes to priority banding
  • Affordability checks
  • Local connection
  • Changes to age restrictions in sheltered housing
  • Transfers between Council properties
  • Bidding for 3 bedroom properties by families with 2 children
  • Daily advertising on homefinder  

We are also looking to introduce a new pet policy in sheltered accommodation, flats that do not have enclosed communal areas and ground floor flats only in blocks with enclosed communal areas. 

Both documents are available to read here along with details of local connection data which has been used to help inform the changes to the draft policy:

If you have any questions or comments on the draft documents please email the customerengagement@westlancs.gov.uk

The closing date for the consultation is 22 March 2018.