Friday, July 12, 2019

A new approach to the delivery of Council Services

West Lancashire Borough Council is implementing a new operating model to be able to maintain service provision and be financially sustainable beyond 2020/21.

The Council has agreed £1.4m savings through a management restructure and there are plans to achieve a further £1.0m through income generation and efficiencies over the next three years. Part of these management changes will see the appointment of a Chief Operating Officer to lead on the income, savings and efficiency programme needed for the Council to be self-financing.

The delivery of Council Services such as planning, housing, and refuse and recycling will be brought together within one Directorate to provide a neighbourhood focus and integrated approach to best meet the needs of those living and working across the Borough.

The changes will also see a greater efficiency of resources and take up of digital technology to drive innovation and satisfaction in customer service.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Moran, said "This has been a significant project for all involved to ensure we can continue to finance good quality frontline services. We have embraced the shift away from Central Government funding in a responsible way and we are now in exciting times as West Lancs is in the best shape possible to drive ahead with our ambitions for the Borough."

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