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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Call to report abandoned trollies to Trolleywise

West Lancashire Borough Council is asking shoppers to be Trolleywise when they are out doing their shopping.

The Council has had to deal with a number of trollies being abandoned in Tawd Valley Park, including being left in the river. Council Parks and Countryside Rangers organise a number of "clean-up" sessions with volunteer groups during the year, where items such as trollies are removed from the river. Through these events more than 30 trollies were collected from Tawd Valley Park in 2017. Another 40 were collected from around the Borough.

Abandoned trolleys in watercourses can cause environmental issues such as pollution and flooding. Elsewhere, they can be unsightly, a hazard for pedestrians, motorists and wildlife.

To help reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys the Council is encouraging shoppers not to remove them from supermarket sites and to leave them in trolley bays or on store car parks, ready for collection by the store, once they are finished with.

The authority is also encouraging residents to report any abandoned trollies they do see to Trolleywise (external link). This will help speed up the collection process as Trolleywise (external link) is a professional trolley retrieval service appointed to pick up trolleys on behalf of major retailers.

Shoppers can download the free Trolleywise App onto your mobile phone using your App store. The app is easy to download from Trolleywise (external link) and to use. Residents can also call Trolleywise on 0800 316 1241 or report the trolley directly to the relevant supermarket.

Heidi McDougall, West Lancashire Borough Council Director of Leisure and Environment, said: "The Council would also ask people to respect their communities and the Tawd Valley Park by not leaving trollies and other rubbish. If residents do see an abandoned trolley they should report it to Trolleywise as this will speed up the process of getting the trolley back to where it should be."

The Council is aware that supermarkets take their own steps to prevent trollies being abandoned. These include a £1 deposit scheme on trollies, and having staff go round local areas to collect trollies taken off site. One supermarket has a mechanism which locks wheels when a trolley is taken off site.
The Friends of Tawd Valley Park Group will be working with the Rangers to organise further clean ups in the park.

If any residents, clubs or businesses want to help with "clean-ups" or any other projects in West Lancashire Borough Council parks please contact the Council Rangers on 01695 622794 or email beacon.park@westlancs.gov.uk.

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