Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Make paying your rent part of your Christmas plans

West Lancashire Borough Council has made it quicker and easier for tenants to set up a direct debit and stay on top of their rent to help with budgeting over the Christmas period.

Tenants whose rent accounts are not in arrears can benefit from two weeks where they don't have to pay any rent from 23 December which can also be a great help at this time of year. Please remember your rent should be paid in advance. To find out more please visit paying your rent or call 01695 585252.

Any tenants who are having difficulties budgeting and managing Christmas bills can get in touch with the Council's Money Advice team on 01695 585250 or visit money advice.

It's really important that no one turns to a loan shark and the Money Advice Team can also guide you on alternatives such as Credit Unions like Knowsley Mutual Credit Union (external link) who operates in West Lancashire.

Tenants who have just made a claim for Universal Credit, and need help to make sure your claim includes housing costs for your rent you can contact our dedicated Universal Credit Support Officer on 01695 712557. Don’t delay as this could result in rent arrears on your rent account.