Thursday, December 5, 2019

Make sure you are prepared in case of flooding

You can get lots of information to help you be prepared if there is any local flooding this winter on the West Lancashire Borough Council website.

We would like to remind residents that you are responsible for protecting your home, whether you own or rent it. Our flood awareness webpage can help you decide if you should take steps to protect your property, where you can get help with flood prevention equipment and what to do if flooding occurs.

The North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee also provides really useful information on their flood hub, which can be accessed via Flood Hub (external link).

If severe weather does hit West Lancashire the Council will be using its winter and social media to tell everyone if its services are affected. Follow @WestlancsBC on Twitter and Facebook.

The ‘blue light’ Emergency Services also use social media, and winter can be used to find information on Lancashire County Council services such as highways, gritting and school closures.