Friday, July 12, 2019

New Management Structure for West Lancashire Borough Council

The Council, on 10th July, agreed the voluntary redundancy of Kim Webber, Chief Executive, as part of a package of savings and measures to deliver a sustainable and self-financing Council by 2021. The Council estimates it needs to find a further £1.9m of savings or income by 2021/22 to balance the books, as it now receives no revenue support grant from the Government.

The Council agreed further changes to the senior management structure and subsequent savings through the voluntary redundancy of John Harrison, Director of Development and Regeneration, and Terry Broderick, Borough Solicitor.

From 4th November the Council will put in place a Chief Operating Officer model, and a Chief Operating Officer will be sought. The Chief Operating Officer will be supported by a Corporate Director of Place and Community and a Corporate Director of Transformation & Resources to make a saving of £0.314m per annum. Working together, the a Chief Operating Officer and the Corporate Directors will deliver the Council's objectives, together with further income, efficiency and service improvements.

Councillors also agreed changes to support investment opportunities and a more effective approach to digital technology.

Kim Webber, Chief Executive, said "It has been a privilege to serve the Council and communities of West Lancashire as Chief Executive, and be supported by dedicated colleagues across the Council. I have been able to lead and implement change and improvements throughout my career at the Council, and have steered this review for future sustainability to benefit those living and working in West Lancashire."

Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Moran, said "I would like to place on record my grateful thanks to Kim not only for the 20 years of dedicated service to this Council, but her commitment and drive to ensure the Council is ready to be self-financing. Alongside other authorities across the country we face significant financial pressure as the Government reduce funding and it is important to my Cabinet that we do this with the least impact to the front line services that are so highly valued and relied on by residents. I look forward to working with the new management team as we responsibly prepare for a sustainable future."


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