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Monday, April 03, 2017

Dogs banned from 26 more children’s play areas in West Lancashire

West Lancashire Borough Council has agreed important measures to keep children safe and reduce problems with dog fouling.

Dogs have been banned from 26 more children’s play areas in West Lancashire and dogs are required to be kept on leads in five specified areas in public parks and playing fields. The Order is sought to alleviate issues such as dog fouling and to ensure that dogs are kept under proper control.  These issues have previously caused a detrimental effect within the borough.  There are other publicly accessible areas nearby where dogs can be exercised without restrictions.

Local residents, visitors and organisations were invited to give their views on the proposals for the new Public Space Protection Order. The responses were taken into account before the final decision was made at the West Lancashire Borough Council meeting on 22 February 2017. The new measures came into force in 1 April 2017.

The list of restricted areas is provided on the Council's dog control web pages along with details of how to report complaints.

Dave Tilleray, who heads up the Environmental Health Team, said: “The new Public Space Protection Order introduces restrictions in 26 play areas that are similar to those already in place in other play areas across the borough. Separate restrictions are also being imposed that require dogs to be kept on leads in five other locations.

“I encourage dog owners to visit the website to find out about the restrictions, as the Council's Environmental Enforcement Officers will be ensuring all the restrictions, including the new ones, are adhered to.”

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