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Friday, June 02, 2017

New chargeable garden waste collection service starts from 5 June

West Lancs residents are reminded that the new chargeable garden waste collection service starts from 5 June.

Residents who have not yet signed up can do so online at gardenwaste. Further information about the service can also be found at gardenwaste or in the leaflet already deliveed to all householders.

Residents who sign up and pay will receive an information pack with a sticker for each green bin they subscribe for. Residents should put the sticker onto the back of the green bin, in accordance with the instructions provided, ensuring it is clearly visible to the collectors.

After 5 June, green bins without stickers will not be emptied.

Heidi McDougall, Director of Street Scene Services, said:

“Residents can sign up to the service at any time during the year so if you have not yet signed up, or decide at a later date that you want to use the service, it is not too late to subscribe.”

It will cost £30 per year for one green bin to be emptied. Householders can buy  additional green bins from the Council  at £23 each and have these emptied at a cost of £25 per bin per year.

Residents who do not want to use the collection service can still do their bit to protect the environment by taking garden waste to a household waste recycling centres, or alternatively compost it.


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