Friday, May 03, 2019

Voluntary groups can find out more about revenue funding from the Council

Voluntary organisations are being invited to a meeting to find out more about possible changes to the way the Council provides revenue funding to such organisations.

For a number of years the Council has provided revenue grants to voluntary groups who were successful in applying through the authority's process. Previous recipients include Dial a Ride, Homestart and Bereavement Counselling Services.

The Council is considering different ways of funding such groups from April 2020 onwards. More details will be given at a meeting between 10am and 11.30am on Monday 13 May at the Council offices in Derby Street, Ormskirk.

Chris Twomey, Deputy Director of Housing and Inclusion, said: "Voluntary groups have a huge impact on the West Lancashire community and the Council would like to support them as much as we can. We are looking at new ways of providing the funding for such groups and hope as many as possible can send representatives to the meeting so they can learn more."

Groups looking to attend should contact Sue Griffiths on 01695 585097 or e-mail

Any voluntary organisations unable to send a representative can still give their contact details to Sue so she can send a questionnaire for them to complete which will then be included within the evaluation process.

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