Ormskirk Town Centre: Public Realm Improvement Works

West Lancashire Borough Council is committed to helping Ormskirk town centre be the best it can be. As such the Council is considering the implementation of two public realm schemes that will have the potential to deliver significant benefits to the town centre.

Enhancements at Moor Street and also Wheatsheaf Walk will provide a streetscape that will support local businesses and the growth of the market, create space for people to enjoy the town's heritage assets and conservation area and make the overall appearance of Ormskirk town centre more attractive. 

The consultation will run until Tuesday 27th August

Moor Street

Works are proposed for Moor Street which would complement previous schemes carried out on this important gateway into the town. New paving and seating is planned for the Railway Road end of Moor Street to match that installed on the rest of the pedestrianised area. Street furniture will also be re-configured to allow more room for stalls for the ever popular Ormskirk Market which takes place every Thursday and Saturday.

Wheatsheaf Walks

The proposed scheme for Wheatsheaf Walks would enhance the paved and seating space within the complex so it is more welcoming and have better access for disabled people. There are two suggestions for this scheme, one which retains the pagoda structure and one which sees it removed which may give a more open feel to the area, giving greater visibility to the shops and making it a more useable space.

New paving would be laid to match that on Moor Street and make the area more attractive as people come into town from the car park behind the Court Leet. New seating and lighting is also proposed to make the place comfortable for shoppers and visitors to take a break there.

  • If you would like to learn more and give your views about proposals to enhance Wheatsheaf Walk please click here (external link)