Building Notice Procedure

Please note that the Building Notice can only be used for domestic work.

What is it?

Building Notice is an alternative to the Full Plans procedure. A Building Notice allows for building work to be carried out without the submission of detailed plans.

It is generally used when the type of building work is straight forward, and the persons responsible for carrying out the work are familiar with the requirements of the regulations. The work will be inspected as it progresses, but you will not receive any official decision notice confirming that the proposals have been passed.

To assist with on-site assessments you may be asked to provide further information such items as structural design calculations, construction details, specification of materials etc. It is not necessary to provide full plans but if you have had a set prepared it would be helpful to lodge them with the submission.

As no formal approval is given it is essential that there is good communication between the builder and the building control officer. This helps to reduce the risk of work being carried out that does not comply with the regulations.

Building Notice can be used for the following:

The erection of houses, flats and maisonettes

The extension or structural alteration of the above

The provision of services or the installation of fittings in connection with the above

The material change of use of a building to the above

Commencement of Work and Site Inspections

As there will be no approved plans for your project, you should select a builder who has a good knowledge of building practice and Building Regulations. Ensure that Building Control receive notice of when work is due to start and at regular stages as the work progresses. We will carry out inspections from start to completion. There is a legal obligation to advise the Building Control Department at various stages so that inspections may be undertaken. Building Control will undertake any other inspections deemed necessary.

A meeting with the Building Control Surveyor prior to the work starting is recommended to allow a programme of inspections to be agreed. When the work is satisfactorily completed you will receive a Completion Certificate.

The work described in the Building Notice must be started within three years of the date it was initially lodged.


You save the expense and time of having drawings prepared.

Upon receipt of a valid Notice the work can start almost immediately.

It is most suitable for small works.

There is less paperwork and more concentration on the work on site.

A Completion Certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of the work


There will be no passed drawings for the builder to work to.

Without passed drawings it will be difficult to compare prices from different builders.

Lending Agencies often require passed plans as a condition of a loan. In such circumstances you may need to make a full plans submission. Check with your lender.

Any work that is found not to comply must be removed or made good – this may counter any savings made by not having full plans prepared.

Completion Certificate

When the works are satisfactorily completed Building Control will forward a Completion Certificate to the applicant. The Completion Certificate is an important legal document and may be required if/when the property comes to be sold. It should be stored safely.

Make a submission

To submit an application by post,

Send it together with the required information and charge to the Council at West Lancashire Borough Council, Directorate of Place and Community, 52 Derby Street, Ormskirk L39 2DF.

You can bring the submission and charge in person to the offices but these should be placed in a sealed envelope and deposited with the Customer Services reception. We are unable to provide a receipt for the charge at the reception point but one will be provided after the submission has been registered.

Using our website you can check the charges for your submission and pay for your submission.