Conservation area enhancement grant

The scheme aims to support residents, property owners and local groups in carrying out small scale works to enhance conservation areas within the borough. Approved works will be those which enhance the character and appearance of the particular conservation area.

Grants of up to £2,000 are currently available in all 28 conservation areas throughout the borough.

What are grants available for?

  • The removal of non-original windows and doors and their replacement with traditional painted timber styles.
  • The restoration and repair of existing traditional sliding sash windows.
  • The repair or reinstatement of other traditional features such as railings, chimneys, garden walls and other decorative external features.
  • Tree and hedge planting.
  • Providing or reinstating historic or sympathetic paving or landscaping.
  • Undertaking environmental improvements to sites.
  • Preparing development briefs for vacant buildings and sites.

What the grants can't be used for

  • General repair work to a property
  • Work to the rear of properties
  • Internal work to properties
  • Works required as part of a planning approval or enforcement action 

How much is available?

The levels of grant indicated below are maximum levels and need not apply to all applications. Grants of up to 50% to a maximum of £2000 will be given for enhancement works which are deemed as eligible under the scheme. Grants of up to 75% to a maximum of £2000 are available for the repair and/or renovation of existing traditional features or buildings. Grants of up to 50% to a maximum of £1000 for planting trees, orchards and hedgerows. Grants of up to 75% to a maximum of £1000 will be available for providing professional reports/studies relating to a site/building. No property or building may receive a grant, under the scheme, of more than £2000.

How to apply

To apply download and complete a copy of the application form and send it in to us at the address provided on the form: