Tree health and safety survey

The Importance of Tree Health

As a landowner you have a legal duty to make sure that any tree under your ownership - or that you are responsible for - does not cause foreseeable damage to people or property.

Requesting a tree survey from our experienced and qualified tree officers can help to limit this risk and liability.  

What does a tree survey involve?

Officers will carry out a survey of your trees to formally assess their condition and provide recommendations on how best to manage them.

The main aim is to identify the safety of any trees in question. A typical survey will include details of species type, age, size, condition and decay detection, as well as giving recommendations on what tree works, if any, are required to make the tree safe. A tree survey will also identify the best and most cost effective way of managing trees.

How much does it cost?

We can discuss prices based on the service requested, or alternatively, we can base the price on an hourly rate of £55 per hour + VAT. The fee is payable in advance and can be paid online using the tree survey payment form.

Select the 'planning fees' option from the list in the online form then select 'tree health and safety survey' and click 'next' to continue to checkout.

If you would like any more information on the service, or a quotation for a survey, please contact either of the officers listed to the right.


Data Protection – how any personal data you provide will be handled 

In order to process your application for a Tree Health and Safety Survey we require some personal data from you, for example your name and contact details. We require this data as part of the Council's official duties to assess your application and to administer the scheme. If you do not provide the information we cannot process your application.

For further information on how we handle your personal data, please see the Planning Privacy Notice on our Website, hard copies of which are available on request.

A full copy of our Data Protection Policy, which explains how we administer, process and store your data, can be viewed and downloaded from our Website.