Applying for planning permission

You usually need planning permission if you are proposing building or engineering works or changing the use of buildings or land. You may also need consent if you want to display advertisements or signs, alter Listed Buildings or demolish buildings.
In addition to needing planning permission, most building work (including alterations) also requires approval under the Building Regulations.

From 1 September 2014, some development will also now need to pay a charge, called the Community Infrastructure Levy, upon commencement of their development. The charge only applies to certain types and sizes of development, and in the majority of cases householder applications will not meet the triggers for CIL.  CIL charges will be dependent on the size, use and location of the development. To find out more read our Community Infrastructure Levy pages.

Please note that following Government Guidance in respect of the recent outbreak of coronavirus there will be some disruption to the Planning Service but we are endeavouring to provide the best service we can.  Members of staff will largely be working from home with time spent in the office and access to emails and voicemails limited.  Therefore, at this present time, we are unable to accept planning applications by post.  However, applications can be submitted via email to or, alternatively, over the Planning Portal.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your assistance and patience at this time.