The Local Plan Review

We need to make sure that we maintain a supply of deliverable development sites.  We also need to be able to take advantage of local opportunities, and we need to keep up with changing national policy.  Therefore, whilst the current Local Plan is by no means out-of-date, we are working on a 'review' of the Local Plan. 

Preferred Options Consultation

We consulted on the Local Plan Review Preferred Options in autumn 2018.  We are currently looking at how to amend the plan in the light of comments received. To find out more about the preferred options document, please use the link below.


Previous stage: Issues and Options

We used our 'evidence base' data to identify issues facing West Lancashire. We then set out a range of possible options to address weaknesses and threats, or to build upon strengths and opportunities. We prepared five 'Issues and Options' papers and consulted on these papers in spring 2017.


Previous stage: Scope of the Local Plan

Local plans can address a wide variety of subjects. Some matters apply nationally (e.g. providing enough housing); some apply only to selected areas (e.g. student housing).  Planning policies don't just cover land use - they aim to improve places for people, for example by enabling healthy lifestyles, or improving work opportunities; they should also help improve the environment.

We consulted on the 'scope' of the Local Plan Review in spring 2017. 


Gathering Evidence

The decisions we make have to be based on evidence.  The evidence we have collected to date can be found using the link below. We are continuing to collect evidence and will publish more in the future.


The Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out our anticipated timetable for preparing the new Plan. Preparing a Local Plan takes several years and involves a number of stages.