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Annual monitoring

In order to ascertain whether the Local Plan is working as intended, we monitor its policies through indicators and targets, and set them out in an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).  The AMR has a number of key functions:

  • To measure the Council's progress in preparing the Local Plan, supplementary planning documents (SPDs) and other policy guidance, by comparing what has been achieved over the past year against the timetable for their preparation 
  • To report on any Local Plan consultation we've undertaken.
  • To report on Section 106 Agreement and Community Infrastructure Levy receipts and expenditure
  • To look at the Borough's planning policies and see whether they are achieving their purpose. This is done using indicators and targets.

If we have fallen behind the Local Plan timetable in preparing documents, or if planning policy targets are not being achieved, the AMR should explain why this has happened, and should suggest how these situations might be put right.

2017 AMR

The 2017 AMR was published on 30 June 2017.

Previous AMRs

Please note that reports prior to 2011 will report the council's progress in preparing its Local Development Framework.

Alternatively, a paper copy of the AMR may be purchased from us for £10.