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Stage 2a - Issues and Options

Identifying issues

In January 2009, we undertook consultation to find out people's views on a range of future planning matters for the borough. This included a questionnaire and a series of forums around the borough. 

Consultation on the Issues
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Setting our options

The Options Paper was prepared as an early vision of the Local Plan. The Issues consultation, along with our evidence base, helped to identify the most important planning-related issues in the area. We then set out a vision for the borough and, in spring 2009, we prepared an options paper setting out five separate options for future development within West Lancashire. Each option proposed how we might address the issues and achieve the vision. It also looked at key issues such as:

  • Providing new housing and new jobs
  • Meeting the needs of an ageing population
  • Regenerating Skelmersdale
  • Providing for the Gypsy / Traveller community
  • The future needs of Edge Hill University

The Options Paper:

Supporting documents:

Publicity and consultation

Consultation results

During early Autumn 2009, we consulted on the Options paper. We received several hundred responses from many different individuals and groups, and also heard a variety of views from local people at six public consultation events. We prepared a document summarising the points made during this consultation, which can be downloaded below. You can also view the full written comments individually.

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