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Stage 2b - Preferred Options

Following consultation on the issues and options, we then prepared and consulted on 'Preferred Options'.

The Preferred Options paper set out our proposals and policies for new development in the borough until 2027. This includes providing:

  • new housing 
  • new jobs
  • regeneration in Skelmersdale
  • supporting the expansion of Edge Hill University
  • new and improved utilities, services and transport
  • Green Belt release
  • renewable energy

Most of the development we need between 2012 and 2027 can be accommodated in the borough's towns and villages. But a small amount will need to go into the Green Belt. The Preferred Options paper also set out three options for where the Green Belt development should go, two of which were preferred by the council.

The Preferred Options paper:

Supporting documents:

To make sure the Preferred Options are fair to people and the environment, we also prepared a number of supporting documents which can be downloaded.


Consultation results

Consultation on the Preferred Options took place in May /June 2011 and results were published 4 January 2012.

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