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Main modifications to the plan

Consultation on the Main Modifications

The Inspector set out his interim views on the modifications required to the policies which cover the strategic and land allocation aspects of the Local Plan, in order to make the Plan sound.  The Inspector's letter, and the accompanying documents, can be found in EX.410a to EX.410i.  In response to the Inspector's interim views, the Council prepared a series of Main and Minor Modifications to the Local Plan, which were approved by Council's Cabinet on 18 June 2013.

Consultation on the Main Modifications ran for 6 weeks, from Thursday 27 June to Friday 9 August 2013.  The full list of consultation documents for the Main Modifications, including the Representation Form and Guidance Notes, can be found below. Hard copies of documents are available at post offices and libraries across the Borough as well as the Council Offices, Ormskirk and the Customer Contact Centre, Skelmersdale.

The council have processed all the comments received by the deadline and passed them to the Planning Inspector for his consideration. A published version of all the representations can be found below as EX.818. Use CTRL+F to perform a search through the document.

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 Consultation documents      
Schedule of Main Modifications document - downloadable version

Please note that many of the tables within this document are presented in landscape format (so to fit all the content in). As a result the tables will appear 'sideways' in the pdf. To view them the correct way up, once the pdf is open, right click within any page of the pdf and select 'Rotate clockwise'.

Alternatively, you can read all the tables through the online version, where no page rotation will be required.

 EX.801  PDF   3.7mb
 Sustainability Appraisal  EX.802  PDF  371kb
 Habitats Regulation Assessment  EX.803  PDF  171kb
 Equalities Impact Assessment  EX.804  PDF  406kb
 Options for additional housing and employment allocations  EX.815  PDF  2.0mb
Making a representation documents      
 Statement of Representation Procedure  EX.805  PDF  168kb
 Guidance Notes on making a Representation  EX.806  PDF  202kb
 Representation Form - download  EX.807  PDF  135kb
 Publicity documents      
 Press advert
 Press advert - published version 26-06-13
 Press notice
 Press notice - published version 26-06-13
 Press release - Champion paper 26-06-13 published version  EX.810  PDF  676kb
 Publicity poster (A3)  EX.811  PDF  2.8mb
 Letter to statutory consultees  EX.812  PDF  121kb
 Letter to general consultees  EX.813  PDF  130kb
 Letter to statutory consultees (SA & HRA)  EX.814  PDF  123kb
 Minor Modifications      
 Email re: Minor Modifications  EX.816a  PDF  38kb
 Collated Minor Modifications - policies  EX.816b  PDF  168kb
 Collated Minor Modifications - maps  EX.816c  PDF  2.8mb


























 Received comments can be viewed through the online Portal or through EX.818 below.


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Consultation response documents       
 WLBC email of 16 August (PR)  EX.817a  PDF  52kb
 WLBC Response to representations from Vernon  EX.817b  PDF  20kb
 WLBC Response to representations from the Development industry regarding MM73  EX.817c  PDF  27kb
 WLBC Response to representations from the Development industry regarding Parr's Lane Main Modifications  EX.817d  PDF  61kb
 WLBC Response to representations on Simonswood  EX.817e  PDF  31kb
 WLBC email of 19 August (SB)  EX.817f  PDF  36kb
 WLBC Response to representations - Schedule  EX.817g  PDF  70kb
 Representations received on Main Modifications  EX.818  PDF  2.5mb
 Supplementary material from Sefton MBC 22 August  EX.819a  PDF  321kb
 WLBC response to supplementary Sefton material 23 August  EX.819b  PDF  12kb
 WLBC Response to G Fairhurst  EX.820  PDF  15kb