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Response to consultation on household projections

See Programme Officer's email (Library item EX.407c) for background details. The council's response is within library document EX.407b.


Title Ref Number Author (consultee ID) Date
 Consultation Response (197)       EX.701  South Lathom Residents Assoc. (197)  07-05-2013
 Consultation Response (108)  EX.702  Simon Pemberton, JASP (on behalf of Crompton Property   Development) (108)  07-05-2013
 Consultation Response (116)  EX.703  Paul Sedgwick (on behalf of Hollins Strategic Land LLP) (116)  08-05-2013
 Consultation Response (103)  EX.704  Graham Love, Turleys (on behalf of Bickerstaffe Trust) (103)  08-05-2013
 Consultation Response (145)  EX.705a  C Simpson, NLP (on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, Wainhomes and Redrow Homes)  08-05-2013
 Email response to EX.705a  EX.705b  PO   08-05-2013
 Consultation Response (247)  EX.706a  Cllr Roger Bell (Labour Group) (247)  09-05-2013
 Email response to EX.706a  EX.706b  WLBC  09-05-2013
 Consultation Response (142)  EX.707  Steven Abbot Association (on behalf of Mr and Mrs Forbes) (142)  10-05-2013