Call for Sites

Do you own or know of any land that might be suitable for development in the future?

We'd like to hear about sites that could possibly be used for housing, business, employment land, Traveller accommodation, retail, commercial uses, or for people to build their own homes.

Even if you have submitted a site for consideration previously, you will still need to send the Council details of the site this time.  The Council is starting with a 'clean slate' when considering potential development sites for the new Plan.  So even if a site is in the 2019 SHELAA, it will only be included in the 2020 SHELAA if it is submitted in this Call for Sites.

The more information you can provide on a site, the better.  This will help the Council and others to reliably consider your site suggestion.  The 'Call for Sites' runs from 13 February until 30 April.

We will consider all sites received, and these sites will form the 'pool' of sites from which proposed land allocations will eventually be chosen in the new Local Plan.  In the meantime, the sites received for housing or employment will comprise the 2020 West Lancashire SHELAA.