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Important changes to your waste collection

New brown bin

Brown bins are being introduced for garden waste.

You will need to sign up and pay for this service. If you subscribed to the garden waste service in 2017/18 and want to receive the same number of bins you had last year, free of charge, you need to subscribe before 16 July 2018. After this date there will be a charge of £25. 

• Additional brown bins can be ordered
• Alternatively, compost your grass cuttings, leaves and weeds
• No unwanted items such as plastic or wood
• You no longer need a subscription sticker for the bin

Changes to green bin

Green bins will be used for recycling paper and cardboard.

If you don’t already have a green bin you can order one, free of charge, before 16 July (this excludes new properties or replacement bins. Visit our charges page for more details). After this date there will be a charge of £25. 

  • If possible remove your garden waste subscription sticker
  • A sticker will be placed on the green bin to remind residents that they should only be used for recycling cardboard and paper
  • If possible wash your green bin out
  • Any additional green bins not required will be collected
  • Fold or rip your cardboard up so that it fits inside the bin
  • Blue bags will only be collected from those properties that have to remain on a sack collection due to their design or vehicle access issues
  • If you have a blue box for cardboard/paper use it for storage, something else or take it to the household recycling centre

No changes to blue and grey bins


A leaflet outlining the changes is being delivered to all home in the borough. Keep an eye out for your copy or alternatively you can download one below:


How will these changes affect me?

If you're unsure exactly what these changes mean for you, please visit our detailed guide.