Tips and advice

Waste Information

Please put your bins and/or boxes  at your normal collection point by 7am and take them back to your property after they have been emptied.
All your waste must be in your wheelie bin. We won't take any extra bags of household waste.

Keep the lid closed. Double-wrap food scraps, nappies or pet waste to prevent bad smells.

If you put your waste out too early or in the wrong place  you risk receiving a Waste Receptacle Notice.  This is a formal letter giving advice on when, where, and how to present your household refuse. If you repeatedly fail to comply with this notice you could receive a fixed penalty notice of £60. If this is not paid, you could be taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

Recycling tips 

Paper and cardboard will be collected together. You must contain all of your paper and cardboard within your green recycling bin.  Residents are advised to cut or tear large boxes into manageable pieces to ensure maximum use of space.  No additional side waste will be collected. 

There are many recycling centres in West Lancs where you can recycle everything from books to shoes. To find your nearest, search by your postcode at the Recycle Now (external link) website or in Your West Lancashire panel on the right of this page.

Prevent wheelie bin fires 

Help keep nuisance fires to a minimum: 

  • Do not overfill your wheelie bin or leave loose rubbish round it
  • Do not store your wheelie bin close to a building, doors, windows or service intakes - any fire in the bin could easily spread to your property
  • Do not allow bins or rubbish to block escape routes
  • Wheelie bins where possible should be stored securely behind locked gates

Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to report anti-social behaviour