Regeneration projects

Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025

The West Lancashire Economic Development Strategy pulls together the baseline assessment from the Economy Study and sets out the eight core strategic themes that will act as enablers for growth for the borough, along with an action plan which provides details of specific activities that will drive the strategy forward.

In preparing the Economic Development Strategy, the Council conducted extensive research and consultation, including:

  • Preparation of the Economy Study to provide an up-to-date economic evidence base;
  • A literature review of previous strategies and policies which needed to be considered;
  • Consultation (including an online survey) with the business community, other stakeholders and partners.
  • Download the Economic Development Strategy 2015-2025 (PDF, 2.1mb)

Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy

West Lancashire Borough Council, along with partners, has developed the Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy 2015-2020 in order to help co-ordinate the approach of the Council, local retailers and other interested parties. The aim is to help deliver a successful and vibrant town centre that can remain competitive and responsive as our high streets change.

The Ormskirk Town Centre Management Group has been set up to oversee actions set out within the Ormskirk Town Centre Strategy. Access the minutes of meetings.

The Skelmersdale Story

West Lancashire Borough Council together with business leaders and key partners have collaborated to help shape a successful and prosperous future for Skelmersdale, which will enable a clear and positive message about the town, positioning it on the map as a great place to do business.  The Skelmersdale Story projects what the place is about, what it stands for and what matters.  

The Skelmersdale Ambassadors Network (external link) are the 'story tellers', promoters of the place, an influential group who are committed to the area and ensure it is talked about and understood on a regional, national and international stage. 

Skelmersdale - building a town centre to be proud of

We have drawn up a 'masterplan' for Skelmersdale, after extensive consultation with local people, which set out the vision for creating a new heart for the town and bringing in the facilities that local people have said they want. It is a long term scheme to benefit everyone in the town and make it an even better place to live, work and visit.