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Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2012)

It explains the approach the Council has taken to identifying this infrastructure and what the next steps for delivery will be. It has been produced by the Council but with the assistance and vital support of all infrastructure partners, as detailed in the appendix.

The outcome of the IDP is the Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (IDS) which sets out identified infrastructure requirements and details about the scheme including partners involved in delivery, location, funding sources, timescales and risks associated with the scheme. The schedule is the focal point of the document that sets out the required infrastructure for the Borough.

The first version of the IDP was published in January 2012 and has since been reviewed and updated to reflect the latest information available from infrastructure partners.

Progress with the IDP and IDS will be reported in the Annual Monitoring Report each year.  The Council will regularly review both the IDS and IDP.  New IDPs can be found through the Local Plan Review Evidence.

Infrastructure planning depends on partnership working with infrastructure providers and other stakeholders within West Lancashire and the wider Lancashire and Merseyside sub-regions. Below is a list of all the infrastructure contacts and the dates of meetings which have taken place. In addition to one to one meetings, the infrastructure process has been governed by an Infrastructure Task and Finish Group established within the West Lancashire Local Strategic Partnership. Details of membership, meeting agendas and minutes may be viewed at the below link.