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Official election and referendum notices

Official election notices - such as Notice of Election (informs people that elections are scheduled or that there is a vacancy);  Statement of Persons Nominated (details candidates who have been nominated to stand for election);  Notice of Election Agents (acting for the candidates who have been nominated); Notice of Poll (details of the Polling Stations) and Declaration of Results - will be published here when available. 

EU Membership Referendum 2016

Declaration of election results 2016

Notice of election agents 2016

Candidates' documents

A number of candidates' documents are available for inspection - such as declaration of election or campaign expenses and accompanying bills. Copies can be provided for a fee: 20p per side of A4 paper.

The Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions) (England) Regulations 2011 

The regulations require that where a local authority receives a petition for a referendum for an elected mayor signed by 5% of the electorate, the local authority must hold a referendum on proposals for a form of executive arrangements which includes an elected mayor.

Notice of Republishing the Register of Electors

Following an interim review of Polling Disricts, Polling Places and Polling Stations, the Register of Electors is being republished to reflect changes made in Derby ward.

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